Bonsai Journy 盆栽道途

My book” Bonsai Journey” is publish , 224 full colour page that describe my bonsai story. Please feel free to connect with me about this book.

各位朋友,”盆栽道途”己於日前付梓. 如欲訂購,請與我連絡.



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25 Responses to Bonsai Journy 盆栽道途

  1. DECROIX Fabrice says:

    Great news !!! Will there be a version in English?

    I wish you a happy new year 2011 to you and your loved ones.

    Best regards from France


  2. Min Hsuan Lo says:

    Happy 2011 to you too.
    This publication is Chinese Version.

  3. Alfred says:

    Dear Master Lo,

    How do I buy the book? If it is through you please let me know the price etc? Thank you.

  4. Jack Lin says:

    久仰大名。 我中文名是林飛虎,在13 歲時來了紐西蘭讀書。現在居住在Auckland. 幾年前在internetbonsai club 看到您的bonsai post
    超admire 您的work. 昨日看到Bonsai Bark / stone lantern 談到您出新書想要買,請您協助。

  5. Michael Arakaki says:

    Please advise how we can purchase your new book.
    Thank You.

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  7. 葉杰錡 says:


  8. anthony watkins says:

    mr.lo please send me information about your book i would love to have a copy -i also do penjing /bonsai. love to own your book.

  9. 蔡国华 says:

    请问如何买书? 我可以用paypal付款. 请让我知道总术?

    我的地址 是Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


  10. Joan Greenway says:

    Hi Mr. Lo,

    Enjoyed your book!
    Glad to have met you in Kentucky and you are right the pictures are fabulous ! You do not need to understand Chinese…….Hope your trip home was good…..

  11. Matt says:

    Dear Min Hsuan Lo

    I wanted to ask you about the price of your book and the payment methods available.

    Best Regards

  12. Tobie Kleynhans says:

    Dear Mr Lo, I would dearly like to purchase your book Bonsai Journey. Kindly forward me information as to where I can get it or can I order directly from you.
    Your reply to this email will be appreciated.

    Kind regards

    Tobie Kleynhans
    South Africa

  13. bibabol says:

    happy birthday to you- my big friends
    best wishes to you and your family
    bigbabol- 30-11-2011

  14. Hoe Chuah says:

    我一位美国朋友要订购您的书,能否寄给我您的 email 由他直接向您订购? 我的 email 是, 谢谢。

  15. Michael Arakaki says:

    Master Lo,

    Do you still sell your book?

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