My book

Dear All:

I was engage in my book in the past few months. The book will publish this autumn.

Nearly 200 pages full colour , that’s describe my bonsai journey.

Please wait for a while.


在過去几個月努力篇輯我的新書, 疏於經營blog,深感抱歉!

約200頁全彩新書訴說多年來的盆栽道途. 新書預定於10月下旬發行. 敬請稍候.

Ficus Gibbosa(蔓榕)


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4 Responses to My book

  1. Neco says:

    Thanks for updating, I will be the first buyer.

  2. Alfred says:

    Great news! I want 2 copies.

  3. Alejandro Bedini says:

    Master Min Hsuan Lo
    My name is Alejandro Bedini president of FELAB. I will be in Mexico.
    Please i want to buy one of your´s book. Please send to Mexico one copy
    Best regards Alejandro

  4. Flaviano Santos says:

    We’ll be waiting.
    This will be one of the major publications about our art.

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