After 26 hours and 50 minutes flight , ( not include 8 hours in JNB airport
& 3 hours in HKG airport waiting for next flight) I was come back home.
Argentina is very beautiful country, very friendly people especially very hight
quality beef.
Share pictures that take in this trip.
Ombu,in nature
10th ASPAC 124.jpg
Mr. Wu’s Ombu
10th ASPAC 126.jpg
With Mr. Wu. Mr Wu. have a biggest bonsai nursery
in Argentina. He is come from Taiwan 25 years ago.
10th ASPAC 661.jpg
74 bonsai friends participate this Seminaro.
10th ASPAC 339.jpg
Mr.Sartori huge Juniper
10th ASPAC 443.jpg
Mr. Sartori BBQ for our dinner
10th ASPAC 449.jpg
Marita Gurruchaga pick me up to the see one of the
world biggest ficus.
10th ASPAC 222.jpg

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5 Responses to Argentina

  1. hello mr lo . I hope to return to Argentina, I went to the house of mr wu..was an honor to be with you

  2. Min Hsuan Lo says:

    Hi David,
    My pleasure to share knowledge with you. Sure, Hope see you in Argentina again .

  3. Alfred says:

    Dear Mr Lo,

    Greetings! I read from awhile back that you are publishing your book. May I know when and where I can buy one? Thanks.


  4. Min Hsuan Lo says:

    Hi Alfred,
    I hope my book will publish in autumn of 2010.

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