Summer flower –Crape Myrtle

Taiwan was attack by Typhoon at the father’s day, 8th Auguest .
South & East part of Taiwan were suffer a lot. Lots of people
were gone, many village were totally destory.
I’m very sad in the past few days.
This Crape Myrtle was blsoom recently.Share.

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2 Responses to Summer flower –Crape Myrtle

  1. flaviano santos says:

    Dear Mr Lo, in this difficult moment with awareness and want all the power possible.
    God has to give many thanks to Taiwan and all the people who suffered from this disaster.

  2. Wan Kamarudin says:

    dear Master Lo,
    We feel very sad to know about the typhon attacked in Taiwan,
    We hope everyone in taiwan are very strong to face this hard time,
    and always pray for your safety,

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