Spring colour again

Before I’m leaving I would like to share unknown name variety bonsai, Indeed it’s original from South America.
Probably you could help me identify.


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5 Responses to Spring colour again

  1. Manacá de cheiro
    (Brunfelsia uniflora)

    Famíly- Solanaceae

  2. louis nel says:

    Yesterday,today and tomorrow?

  3. Sergivaldo Costa says:

    Hi Mr. Lo,

    Congratulations for your beautiful work. I am one among millions who also admire your art.
    I am Brazilian and it is a great honor to assist you in identifying this specie native to Brazil: Brunfelsia uniflora.

    Best regards,


  4. Juan Andrade says:

    Brunfelsia pauciflora!! I have it in my back yard! Comes from the tomato family, you know?

  5. Manacá, from Brazil?

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