MidAtlantic Friends

I’m honour be headliner of 25th MidAtlantic conventionis . It’s an unforgetable
bonsai tour.Thanks all friends help , host me in this tour. Linda , Jim, Mark, John,
Gale, Robert, Michale, Mike,Geroge,Geoffery, Iris,Yen, Jim, Mark,Paulin……….

Nearly 200 bonnsai friends participate this great , succeed event.
Before convention I have traveled clubs , That’s include Bergan bonsai Society,
Bonsai Society of Greater Hartford, Great Swamp bonsai Society, Yamaki bonsai
Society & Bartimo Bonsai society.
08 MidAtlantic USA 013.jpg
George, President of Bergan Bonsai Society.
08 MidAtlantic USA 015.jpg
Geoge have amazing collection.

08 MidAtlantic USA 022.jpg
Robert & Maureen in CT.
08 MidAtlantic USA 070.jpg
08 MidAtlantic USA 214.jpg
With Jim family
08 MidAtlantic USA 183.jpg
Jim’s Nature way bonsai Nusery.
08 MidAtlantic USA 164.jpg
Exhibition Hall
08 MidAtlantic USA 167.jpg
Young , But Nice pine.
08 MidAtlantic USA 168.jpg
08 MidAtlantic USA 169.jpg

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