Chinese Pistachio harvest

20 years old Chinese Pistachio. Time for harvest.
08 March 152.jpg

08 March 154.jpg

08 March 155.jpg

08 March 156.jpg

Plastic & root
08 March 158.jpg

08 March 159.jpg

Carry home
08 March 160.jpg

under the half shadow
08 March 163.jpg

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2 Responses to Chinese Pistachio harvest

  1. neco says:

    Hello Mr Lo. What kind of soil you used to plant the tree in the big black pot and why?? The tree has nice movement but I can not really see the work in the branches because of the woody background, can you please put a white background for next time so we can see the detail of your magnificent work. :-)

  2. Min Hsuan Lo says:

    Hi Neco,

    Soil mix of 80%coarse & 20% humus. Actually, this tree need more time to refine, so big pot is useful for fast growing &

    & refine. Probably repot to glaze pot after 2 or 3 years.

    Indeed, plant in the ground can’t work nice, I will restyle in summer or autumn.

    More about Chinese Pistachio, please check my article in Bonsai Today 108, 2007 issue 2, page 10 to 13.

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