Green Island Ficus

Green Island Ficus was not popular in Taiwan. Most bonsai master
careless this variety. So few of masterpiese have come out.
This little guy approximate 50 years in small pot. I get from bonsai pioneer
3 years ago, he is over 85 years old. Although still very cold, but I can’t waiting
for repoting.

08 February 113.jpg

08 February 114.jpg

08 February 115.jpg

08 February 116.jpg

Need careful after repoting.

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2 Responses to Green Island Ficus

  1. thien211 says:

    Hi, I’m from Malaysia. can i have your email? can I share the imformation with u? my email –>

  2. thien211 says:

    to Lo,

    wow, you are great! you like do magic on the bonsai.. I cant face a problem, i not dare to work on my bonsai tree. for example, i not dare to prun the bonsai, since i hv idea, because i don’t know wat happen next.. that was slicing my heart.

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