Cut, cut , cut…failure, failure, failure….

Restyle only two way to choice. Success or Failure. Before succed should
be suffer countless . I have do hundreds test in FICUS, finally show some
magnificent, actually many of them were waste, the same in other variety.

I spent a lot of money to buy this Murrya. I was astonish by the incrediable JIN
& Lifeline. It’s pity, those branches are too BIG & DENSE. I have cut lots of them
, but still looks pale. In my mind, want let it a proudly bonsai. After thinking lots of
time, Cut another 3 branches.
Finally, I know this time—totally fail.

The only way is plant on the ground.

08 January 057.jpg

08 January 058.jpg
08 January 059.jpg

08 January 060.jpg

08 January 073.jpg

08 January 072.jpg

Although this is fail restyle, but I learn many in this event.
I will plant on the ground, let it grow fast, let it have more possibility.
Some day, some day should be a remarkable bonsai. I swear.

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2 Responses to Cut, cut , cut…failure, failure, failure….

  1. neco says:

    Hello Mr Lo, I want it to know why are you planing the tree back on the ground and not in a bonsai pot?

  2. Min Hsuan Lo says:

    Hi Neco,

    Happy Chinese New Year.

    Murrya is virgous on the ground. I would like to make branch more biger & Longer, the only way is 3-5 years fast grow on on the ground.

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