This guy was careless more than 2 years & wireless more than 5 years!
This winter really warmely, Jabotica will wake up soon, some new BUD
have come out.

08 January 048.jpg
other front
08 January 049.jpg
Before take off leaves, cut short prats of twigs
08 January 050.jpg

08 January 051.jpg
3 hours work by assistant
08 January 052.jpg
The result of careless years! Pity structure.
08 January 053.jpg
After 7 hours wire & thinking
08 January 055.jpg

08 January 056.jpg
MANY of branchs were cut off in restyle! If done every season
those branchs will be useful.

08 January 054.jpg

Bonsai as study- should be careful every day, every season, every year.
If careless any link, probably lost many years work.

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