Juniper–Taiwan High mountain Style

My mind was very infurenceNatural en el casino es la jugada realizada con las dos primeras cartas que vale 8 o 9. by Taiwan high mountain Juniper,
when the first time to Yue San 4 years ago. After that time all
my idea of juniper was changing, I collect all kinds of picture
& try to set up Taiwan style Juniper, maybe another Lo style.

My stock
07 December 001.jpg

I don’t like the twin branchs, similer to frog leg .
07 December 002.jpg

PotSur les pages de Casino en line on peut jouer à une vaste gamme des jeux de jeu texas holdem en ligne, vraiment très passionnants. was broken by typhoon in this Auguest. Back.
07 December 005.jpg
07 December 007.jpg
07 December 003.jpg
Decide ,New front in 4 oclock way.
07 December 009.jpg
Operation proceed, bend this ugrly line
07 December 010.jpg
07 December 011.jpg
Bend tool, extremely usefull
07 December 015.jpg
07 December 016.jpg
07 December 017.jpg
07 December 018.jpg
20 minutes, to the destination .

07 December 020.jpg
Wire proceed. Low branch.

07 December 021.jpg
07 December 022.jpg
4 hour later
07 December 024.jpg
07 December 026.jpg
The low branch need carve by power tool, it still weak & not steady
enough. Probably next autum or winter complete the next step.

Two or multi crown, large space , twist lifeline, deadwood
are essence of this tree.

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2 Responses to Juniper–Taiwan High mountain Style

  1. bonsaiart says:

    Looks like this is going to be a very nice looking bonsai. I love all the trees on your blog I think they are amazing! It’s the first time I’ve seen the technique where you saw the branch so that you can bend it further. Very interesting.

  2. Min Hsuan Lo says:

    Welcome to my blog.

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