Juniper Harvest

Always remember get this Juniper when I’m educateed in university,
nearly 30 years ago. My father spend about US 1500, than gift for me.
In my mind, I want style this guy as attack by thunder,. So explose jins
on the top, nevertheless the main trunk is less movement. But still love it
very much. I won’t sold it even many custom want buy .
It’s pity after many years, never report. The guy getting weekness, I plant
on the ground 3 years ago. ( I’m so sad, another nice movement one was
STOLEN last spring.)
It’s harvest season nearly Christmas , for the security this guy is come back
home this morning.

07 Nov 133.jpg
07 Nov 136.jpg
Plant by the wall of plastic. This way is very nice
for tree. Nearly 75cm high, suitable for style .
07 Nov 137.jpg
Cut off wire.
07 Nov 138.jpg
Release plastic
07 Nov 139.jpg
Perfect rootball. This technic available for all kind
of tree, very recommend to test.
07 Nov 140.jpg
Remove soil
07 Nov 141.jpg
07 Nov 143.jpg
Plastic under the root system , all the new root will be in outside, not
in the center. It’s best way to make amazing root system & better for

07 Nov 144.jpg

07 Nov 146.jpg
Carry to home garden.
07 Nov 148.jpg
Reday for plant
07 Nov 149.jpg
Incrediable root, as in pot.
07 Nov 150.jpg
Finally, under half sun . Remove parts of leaf, keet wet.
07 Nov 151.jpg

07 Nov 153.jpg

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