Celtis is one of my best love variety.
07 Auguest 036.jpg

07 Auguest 038.jpg

07 Auguest 037.jpg
Susan, Mu daughter help me remove leaces.07 Auguest 035.jpg

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2 Responses to Celtis

  1. raje says:


    I buy nice Celis sinensis. It’s new vairety for me. I put it in galsshouse for winter protection – min. temp. +1C. In spring I must repot it. Please tell me what soil I must use. I also can’t find on web articels about it. If you send me some informations, I will be very happy.

    Regards, Rajko


  2. Min Hsuan Lo says:


    I have an article about Celtis published in Bonsai & stone appreciation Magazine ( BCI), Volum 46, number 4.( Oct. Nov.

    Dec. 2007) Page 50 -54. Please enjoy it.

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