Under Summer roof

Most ficus should be defolate from middle summer(August) to middle
Autumn (October) , but the temperature still very hight . So put under
the shadow is nessary.
I always put in the front of my workhouse, to enjoy everyday.

07 Auguest 027.jpg

07 Auguest 028.jpg

Do yu like my ficus? Comments NEED.
Actually, I still have many ficus, so need more time to remove leaves. The best time in Taiwan is in
the end of Auguset or early Semtmber.

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2 Responses to Under Summer roof

  1. rui.marques says:

    Since you have so many ficus, can i have one of those? Just kidding!!

    Is it because in Portugal we are far behind, but in the right way of bonsai way of life.

    And it is rare to see here such beautiful specimens like the ones you have.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Shaukat says:

    Your ficus trees are superb. I have no words to express how much pleasure and motivation these trees have provided me.

    Seeing these trees in reality would be a great experience for any bonsai lover.

    Pls keep posting more of your ficus trees for our viewing pleasure.


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