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Tour to Bali, Indonesia

I will go to Bali attend Asia Pacific Bonsai Convention at the end of Auguest& come back home in 5 Stp. I’m one of the headliners, will do Demo, lecture…See you in Bali.

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Ken men ficus proceed

Procced of ficus in summer. Remove leaf Root refine—-Before After Finally

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Before Typhoon

Every summer have many TYPHOON ATTACK Taiwan, The same in Japan.It’s terrible, some bonsai should carry down to ground to protect Typhoon. We are lucky enough to escape from Typhoon this time.

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Pitanga Summer defolate

Pitanga refine

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Murraya refine

Murraya refineFront? back? JinThe branch is too heavy Finally Conclusion, I want show the jin & lifeline. Cut off first left branch , The vision of lifelineJin will be more easy to show & Bunjin Style.

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Under Summer roof

Most ficus should be defolate from middle summer(August) to middleAutumn (October) , but the temperature still very hight . So put underthe shadow is nessary.I always put in the front of my workhouse, to enjoy everyday. Do yu like my … Continue reading


Crepe Myrtle afetr flower part 2

This pink Crepe Myrtle have flowers about 70 days, althouth havemany flowers but for the health should prun all flowers, Let new budcome out again, to increase ramification.

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Premna Jabotica with new leaves

Premna Jabotica with new leaves ( 10 days after remove leaf)

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Crepe Myrtle after flower

Crepe Myrtle after flower should be cut short twigs,( fruits will demagehealth ) Put under the shadow will be good for new bud. The new buds will come out very soon in early August. Probablyone week.

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