BCI in Purto Rico

In July 10, arrive Purto Rico attend BCI convention.
BCI board.
07 BCI PR 018.jpg
bonsai in convention

07 BCI PR 054.jpg

07 BCI PR 055.jpg

With Bill

07 BCI PR 059.jpg
Tour in south island

07 BCI PR 068.jpg
From the window of hotel

07 BCI PR 080.jpg
Get 2007 BCI Artist ,Writer& Photographer’s Award from past President Linda.

07 BCI PR 084.jpg
Lantin dancer

07 BCI PR 086.jpg
Pemphis in seashore

07 BCI PR 105.jpg
By the sea

07 BCI PR 106.jpg

07 BCI PR 104.jpg
Old City

07 BCI PR 109.jpg

07 BCI PR 110.jpg
Huge Ficus

07 BCI PR 113.jpg
Some bonsai in private collection. Oliver
07 BCI PR 117.jpg

Two cascade
07 BCI PR 099.jpg

07 BCI PR 097.jpg

07 BCI PR 065.jpg
Incrediable jin

07 BCI PR 066.jpg

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