Tour to U.S.A

I will tour to U.S.A. From July 6 to July 20.
The first destintation will be in Maryland, then To
another state . Lecture ,demo, workshop will
Share with bonsai friends. Than attend BCI
convention inPurto Rico. Hope see you in this Great
event in Purto Rico.

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2 Responses to Tour to U.S.A

  1. destiny says:

    Hi Lo ,

    I will be in Puerto Rico and I hope to meet you, I like Taiwan bonsai work.

    My english is not very good but the bonsai language is univeral.

    I participate to New Talent Contest of the FELAB.

  2. Min Hsuan Lo says:


    Nice to see you in puerto Rico. Are you the long hair young guy?

    Please keep in touch, you are my friend.

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