Gelonium aeguoreum

Gelonium aeguoreum & antique China pot. Over 100 years in rockey area. Refine in pot 18 years.
07 summer garden 126.jpg

07 summer garden 133.jpg

07 summer garden 129.jpg

What kind of vision you get? A story from grandfather? Or a dreamland want to go?

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5 Responses to Gelonium aeguoreum

  1. rui.marques says:

    Hello, i’m from Portugal, and we have a particular species named quaercus suber. Do you have any experience with this in bonsai?

  2. rui.marques says:

    Sorry for the mistake. It’s Quercus suber.

  3. Min Hsuan Lo says:


    Happy to get message from Portugal.

    I’m not exactally know about Quaercus suber. Maybe you could post

    pics about that,I could give you some advice.

  4. rui.marques says:

    Question: How do i post a pic?

  5. Min Hsuan Lo says:


    Please mail to my E-mail:

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