Gelonium aeguoreum nearly 150 years in rockey area, no water only
depend on moisture to survive. Collect in 20 years ago. I restly from
Most Literati bonsai are belong to pine ,juniper….. I try to board
leaf variety on Literati. Do YOU LIKE IT? Comments please.
07 summer garden 125.jpg

07 summer garden 135.jpg

07 summer garden 134.jpg

07 summer garden 137.jpg

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5 Responses to Literati

  1. Andy Graham says:


    I like it!

    A comment in general….I’d like you to know what an inspiration you have been to me in my bonsai endeavors.Thanks,and keep posting your great works.

    Andy Graham

  2. Min Hsuan Lo says:


    Thanks, welcome to my blog.

    Nice to hearing my bonsai are good for you.


  3. Rob Kempinski says:

    I like it Lo, I believe one can have broadleaved literati. Defoliation also helps with the image.

  4. Rob Kempinski says:

    I like it Lo, You may want to simplify it a bit but pruning the lowest branch.


  5. Min Hsuan Lo says:


    The possibility are infinity.

    If Cut off the low branch, it will be common literati.

    The unique low branch is soul of this bunjin.


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