Ficus grafting

Leaf of this old ficus is no good, So graft green island ficus.
07 Early Summer 142.jpg

07 Early Summer 143.jpg

Root refine

07 Early Summer 145.jpg

07 Early Summer 147.jpg

07 Early Summer 149.jpg

07 Early Summer 148.jpg

Waiting 100 % succed.

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2 Responses to Ficus grafting

  1. Andy Graham says:


    When you do a drastic pruning and or grafting like on this tree….how long a time before you would consider it show worthy?



  2. Min Hsuan Lo says:


    It’s would be better in growing season.Exactally, in later spring,

    Summer Or Early Autum, when the average temperature is highter 25

    degree C.

    At least 3-5 years this bonsai in exhibition. According to what kind

    level we want to present.

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