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Carlisa repot early this spring. Some low parts are quite strongBut in the middle are a little weak. This work are purn somestrong twigs to make outline balance.Before After Flower Fruit Indeed, Carlisa is dangerous in repoting.

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Gelonium aeguoreum

Gelonium aeguoreum & antique China pot. Over 100 years in rockey area. Refine in pot 18 years. What kind of vision you get? A story from grandfather? Or a dreamland want to go?


Summer display

Every few days I change display in my bonsai studio.The main point of this is full flowers Crepe Myrtle, Susike& Hisbicus. In the back photo is Jue San Juniper.

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Gelonium aeguoreum nearly 150 years in rockey area, no water onlydepend on moisture to survive. Collect in 20 years ago. I restly from1997.Most Literati bonsai are belong to pine ,juniper….. I try to boardleaf variety on Literati. Do YOU LIKE … Continue reading


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Lo’s style

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Flower after raining day

After a long period of rainning, most of flowers in my bonsaiwere falling down. But parts of them were surive.All kinds of Bougie Crepe Myrtle Carlisa ? ? Pintaga Premna Small leaf Guava Malighia glabraButtonwood Jasmine Foretunella Japonica( leaf was … Continue reading


Raining day , poetic day

RAINING DAY , POETIC DAY. In the raining season, everything in garden looks more attractive.I always enjoy the vision of poetic.First view of my garden Turn right Workhouse, open area. From workhouse Pass the wood wall to my home. Private … Continue reading

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Some pics of structure Actually, this is Lo’s standard.

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Ficus grafting

Leaf of this old ficus is no good, So graft green island ficus.Before Root refine Waiting 100 % succed.

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