Gelonium ageuoreum summer defolate

Earth was hurt by man & industrty, the temperature
were warmer & warmer! Sometime not hot in later
May, But 34 degree C. maybe more Today!
Most tree is stop growing when the temperature is
higher 30 degree C. One way to let is growing is
If remove all leaves, should be put under the shadow.
But some tree will be die back. This is special technic
for defolate. Cut parts of leaves, tree are vigerous &
could be put under the whole sun.
When new leaves come out, old half leaves will falling
down, or remove old half leaves in new leaves come out.

Home work 05 07 180.jpg

Home work 05 07 181.jpg

Home work 05 07 182.jpg

Home work 05 07 183.jpg

Home work 05 07 184.jpg

Home work 05 07 185.jpg

Half cut leaves

Home work 05 07.jpg

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