Foretunella Japonica refine

I have many Foretunella Japonica over 20 years old,
careless in the past few years. The branch is no good,
but the root is splendid , so I decide cut the main branch
to be mini size bonsai.
Early January.( It’s would be better cut when the temperature
more warmer)


Painting & rawmaterial 091.jpg


Painting & rawmaterial 098.jpg


Painting & rawmaterial 084.jpg

Painting & rawmaterial 085.jpg

Painting & rawmaterial 086.jpg

Painting & rawmaterial 092.jpg

Make smooth

Painting & rawmaterial 093.jpg

Painting & rawmaterial 094.jpg

Cut paster

Painting & rawmaterial 096.jpg

It’s would be better add cut paster twice.

Painting & rawmaterial 097.jpg

After 80 days , new buds come out from cambium.

Spring 2007 033.jpg

This is the strongest one. Most of them as up photo.

Spring 2007 031.jpg

Conclusion: This treatment should be operate when the temperature
over 20 or 25 degree C or middle of spring. This winter is more hot,
I do it too early, so waiting too long. Really DANGEROUS,
although all of them have new bud, but I spent too much time to care.

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