Murrya Harvesting

This Murrya in nature about 100 years old.
Collected in 30 years,than refine in pot 25 years.
The tree was weakly, so plant on the ground
5 years ago.
The best season for Murrya repoting is from
later March to middle of April.
12-04-2007 115.jpg

12-04-2007 116.jpg

12-04-2007 117.jpg

12-04-2007 118.jpg

12-04-2007 119.jpg

12-04-2007 120.jpg

12-04-2007 121.jpg

12-04-2007 122.jpg

12-04-2007 123.jpg

Clean dust & old bark

12-04-2007 125.jpg

12-04-2007 126.jpg

12-04-2007 127.jpg

12-04-2007 128.jpg

12-04-2007 136.jpg

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