Jabotica repoting proceed

This Jabotica is 20 years from seed. After many years
training , repoting this afternoon.

12-04-2007 096.jpg

12-04-2007 097.jpg

Cut all branches shoter. It’s is very important to amazing Remefecation.
12-04-2007 098.jpg

12-04-2007 099.jpg

Root refine

12-04-2007 100.jpg

12-04-2007 101.jpg

12-04-2007 102.jpg

New pot alreday

12-04-2007 103.jpg

12-04-2007 104.jpg

Grow, Cut & wire is the secreat code for Remification.

12-04-2007 105.jpg

When new bud come out, WIRE to the right direction.

12-04-2007 106.jpg

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