Premna Jabotica repoting

It’s pity this very old Kung Tong pot was broken . I get this pot early 27 years ago from a antique pot vender. This is my first Antique Chinese pot. The glaze of Kung Tong is amazing but the temperature is lower when in stove.It’s quality is too soft to broken.

Slect a colourful painting new pot, I know need more time accustom to the new vision. But I always remember the old pot. I will try to repair the broken pot, than let him retire.

03 -28 -2007 Flower 033.jpg

03 -28 -2007 Flower 032.jpg

03 -28 -2007 Flower 034.jpg03 -28 -2007 Flower 035.jpg

03 -28 -2007 Flower 036.jpg

03 -28 -2007 Flower 046.jpg


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