04 BCI Taiwan — Friends

That’s a succesful evet in Taiwan, every friends are happy in tour. This series are friends attend the exhibition of Taiwan Creator Bonsai Association (TBCA) in Tainan.

Willi , Lo, Ernie ( Nice Chinese food)

BCI 04 003.jpg

Rob &……

BCI 04 004.jpg

Donna Banting, BCI Manging Editor &….

BCI 04 005.jpg


BCI 04 006.jpg

I.C. Su &….

BCI 04 007.jpg

Jerry, Solita & friends from CandaBCI 04 008.jpg

Chase & Lo

BCI 04 012.jpg

Montrie ( Chairman of Taiand bonsai society)

BCI 04 013.jpg

BCI President —Linda Brant BCI 04 011.jpg


BCI 04 015.jpg

Friends from Italy.

BCI 04 016.jpg

Friends from Maxico

BCI 04 018.jpg

BCI 04 017.jpg


BCI 04 021.jpg

Friends from Philippines –Vic, Gurby….

BCI 04 022.jpg

American friends WBFF President–Solita &…

BCI 04 023.jpg

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