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Hisbicus Repoting

This pot is nearly 42 years. To protect old Taiwan old pot I choose another new pot . In Sub tropical in the summer is more longer & temperature is very hight ,,so the pot need more deeper .

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Premna Jabotica repoting

It’s pity this very old Kung Tong pot was broken . I get this pot early 27 years ago from a antique pot vender. This is my first Antique Chinese pot. The glaze of Kung Tong is amazing but the … Continue reading

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Gardenia jasminoides

Gardenia jasminoides reporting Three pnlant in a pot. Before After Fruit The other small ready for mini size bonsai. Progration—Select the very intensive twigs. TO BE CONTINUE

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Spring flower–2007

Every spring many flowers bloom in my garden. Especially MALPIGHIA COCCIGERA pink flower is attractive. Front AFTER 3 DAYS ,MORE FLOWERS left Back? or Front? Right FLOWERS Another flower , Sorry I don’t know the English name. This flower is … Continue reading

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TBCA part 4

Eugenia uniflora Myrciaria cauliflora Mochelia fuscata Acantha pomegranate Sereronica buxifolia Malighia glabra Mini Size

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TBCA part 3

Hisbicus Dendroobium unbellatum Fuken Tea Euony mus japonicus Casuarina Eurya japonica Diospyros Distylium Diospyros vaccinioides Buxus microphylla. Breynia officinalis

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TBCA part 2

Pemphis Zelkova Celtis Premna

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Taiwan Bonsai Creator Association 2006 part one

TBCA is the most active & powrful bonsai association in Taiwan. Every member should be pass the serious contest, every tree must plant by himself. Update have 127 member.TBCA was establish in 1998, I’m one of the founder. Now I’m … Continue reading

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04 BCI Taiwan — Friends

That’s a succesful evet in Taiwan, every friends are happy in tour. This series are friends attend the exhibition of Taiwan Creator Bonsai Association (TBCA) in Tainan. Willi , Lo, Ernie ( Nice Chinese food) Rob &…… Donna Banting, BCI … Continue reading

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Malaysia Summer 2004

This Time in Zou Fo State , close Singarpo. Bonsai Preman Rawmaterial Bonsai over Rock Demo Thinking     or  Tired? Open ceremony Friends

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